Hand-washing Meditation

Splash cool water on fingers and wrists turn off the tap, lather up bubbles, bubbles enjoy the bubbles foamy between your knuckles Sing two rounds of Row Your Boat merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily rinse with splash of gratitude for access to clean water   See the companion piece on hands and the pandemic at Facing the … More Hand-washing Meditation


The champagne bubbles were the chatty aside to the serious issue to be discussed. His tip of the hat was his coy decoy for hiding his face from his lover. She knew she had to return to the place where she had lived over a year ago. This place was not an illusion, yet that … More Bubbles

Meaning Beyond Words

Slathered sweetness is nonsense when bitter twang is Teacher Dogma stuffs grey matter with the Wonder Bread of wisdom But a sudden leap makes bubbles where dead fish never dream and dirt can slowly serve as host to ordinary triumphs