Eternal Breath

I lift my face to face the breeze this same air connecting me with all life now and ever before and even life that will come to be for that matter A rhythmic gift of giving and taking as the breeze sings through my hair or lifts the butterfly wings All of this is eternal … More Eternal Breath


Does the bumblebee ask why it forages pollen? Does the tulip maple ask why it blooms? Does the moon ask why she conceals her dark side? The answer to every layer of “why?” contains another layer of questions. When I ponder the myriad why’s of my purpose I suspect it’s more than just following laws … More Why’s

One Breath

One breath, that’s all it takes to pause and notice the scent of hawthorn blooming by the door, wind chime music of the flow of time. One breath, that’s all it takes to be surprised by a cardinal’s sudden crimson visit, the iris opening purple hands in prayer. One breath, that’s all it takes to … More One Breath