There is no logic here concerning when joyful words are waterfalls or when clogged up words stay out of reach There is no logic here concerning when melancholy floods my spirit or when gratitude electrifies my cells There is no logic here concerning when isolation ennui conquers curiosity or when crafting a poem outweighs reading … More Illogical


A sigh is a sign that you’re doing too much A sigh is a sign to calm yourself down A sigh is a sign to hear yourself breathe A sigh is a sign for you to take time for a micro-meditation   Photo by Eli DeFaria courtesy of Unsplash


Consistent nothing, all alone but for a ticking clock blue view behind my eyelids inhale, exhale, listen Let subtle showers of the quiet unfold to take me deeper into a silver inner poem of open peace Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Eternal Breath

I lift my face to face the breeze this same air connecting me with all life now and ever before and even life that will come to be for that matter A rhythmic gift of giving and taking as the breeze sings through my hair or lifts the butterfly wings All of this is eternal … More Eternal Breath


Animals breathe oxygen Plants breathe CO2 The earth breathes seasons And experience breathes grace Relationships breathe respect Creativity breathes attention Meditation breathes stillness And experience breathes grace I have been contemplating the idea of grace lately. Instead of being an external gift given to me that I don’t deserve, grace could instead be the practice … More Grace

One Breath

One breath, that’s all it takes to pause and notice the scent of hawthorn blooming by the door, wind chime music of the flow of time. One breath, that’s all it takes to be surprised by a cardinal’s sudden crimson visit, the iris opening purple hands in prayer. One breath, that’s all it takes to … More One Breath

Meditation Song

I sit down this morning to meditate then my thoughts get all lost and I’m singing this song in my head forgetting about the instructions  they  told me of how to be present here just where I am. If I jump off the track of this focus on being I’ll get lost in my thoughts … More Meditation Song