Feeling Blue

Cerulean blue of Nebraska’s skydarker hues linked to lonesome blues Great blue herons on blue-green lakeswaves of blue on sea-sand’s surf Blue moons are full, but not really bluebluebells are mostly purple Beale Street blues smooth Memphis nights“Blue days are gone” Ella sings Touch of blue on wings of mallardsBlue lagoon, blue balloon Bluegrass banjo … More Feeling Blue

Go Back Home, Jack

Recently we took in a cat, Jack, from a friend who became too ill to care for him. With two well established cats in the house, Chloe and Star, the inclusion of this much younger cat took some adjustments. This poem is written in the rhythm (somewhat) of the Ray Charles tune, Hit the Road, … More Go Back Home, Jack

I’m Alive

I know I’m alive when sweet spring hawthorn scents my doorwayI know I’m alive when French silk pie lingers on my tongueI know I’m alive when I slide between cool laundered sheetsI know I’m alive when movement of shadows change with the sunI know I’m alive when Clapton blues dance my feetI know I’m alive … More I’m Alive