Waiting Room

Mid-January waitingfor a yellow song of sunshine,for a little light,for forsythia blooms of blessingsfor my love to get out of surgery A woman in coverallspeppered in yellow paintwaits for the hallway elevator;it opens to spill a sunburst of laughterthen little light blessings of, “Have a good day!”as three transported strangersemerge and part ways Yellow-spattered cheersilently … More Waiting Room

A Day for Play

It’s a sing along daywhen starlings polka dot the dawnas muffins scent the windowpaneswith poppy seeds and cinnamon It’s a sparkle daywhen blessings tumble like confettiand the rumble in your tummyis satisfied with bon bons It’s a snazzy daywhen jazz renditions razzmatazzas banana kiwi bubble gumfrolics in your mouth It’s a periwinkle dayso crinkle stresses … More A Day for Play

Piggy Bank Heart

My piggy bank heartbroken, in chardswounds my clinging hands, yetoffers me penny-sized blessings This mess my heart makescan’t hide the woundsI don’t want to see If a heart can’t be fixedlike a piggy bank can’tshould I’ve let it get broken orkept blessings I’d savedsafe and hidden unused? Photo from RINA Wealth Management Services

Carving History

Aunt Libby kept us both as our moms went off to workBonnie and I watched Captain Kangaroo together in the morning,stifled giggles while pretending to take our afternoon napHer dad had been in the circus and taught herto do tricks on a trapeze he put up in the car port.Her mom always made us French … More Carving History


Journal pages, day by day, linked through threads of ink wave along the winds of time – prayer flags of my life A Buddhist tradition is to write mantras on the piece of cloth to fan out compassion and goodwill to all extended space. It’s all about clearing negative energies. These small, colorful banners manifest … More Oeuvre

Star Blessings

You appreciate themoonwhen it is a faintsliver beforesunrisethat you would have missedhad you not been up in thedarkto comfort Star Baby I found this poem I jotted down early, early one morning. Star Baby was our cat for 20 years. At the end she needed lots of care but also gave much love back. She … More Star Blessings


In a world of habitual wanting more money, less aging, promotion, we find ourselves trapped within a consciousness of lack We are able to shift this perception, though from focusing on what we are lacking to a perception of seeing abundance focused instead on our blessings We get to breathe, others love us we have … More Abundance

Aura Arising

What is the aroma of the aura of a sprite?The scent of a psyche in spiritual form?Or whiff of cinnamon breezing the air in the speed of a shooting star ? Maybe a sprite’s aura has no aromaCould it be instead a subliminal memory of long-ago lullaby lyrics?Or whisper of wings from a veiled whippoorwill? … More Aura Arising

Blizzards of Blessings

Winter storm blasted past sunsetglittered its mantle of snow in the moonlight Eight inches dumped to shovel and plowoffered spry aerobics in crisp morning air Dishes piled up after dishwasher brokethawed icicle fingers in sink of warm bubbles Hubby in hospital, visits restrictedbut cared for by kind health healers When an avalanche of woes is … More Blizzards of Blessings