Annual Gift

Two sandhill cranes graced my yardPranced their annual gift, unruffledKnees high with each graceful stepBeaks uplifted in stately postureWere they parading their beauty for me? No, mating season trek The NaPoWriMo prompt today was to write in the poetic form of sijo. I used poetic license to play around with the syllables a bit. Photo … More Annual Gift


Cardinal in the garden Blue jay in the dogwood Cardinal flies to a maple branch Her mate joins her from nowhere Jay disappears into oak leaves Woodpecker appears on a tree trunk I have no control over when Life swoops in and out of my window view I also have no control over when Conditions … More Swoop

Canopy Coexistence

Birds of color fill my yard cardinals blue jays goldfinches coexisting in canopy foliage Jays aren’t brutal to finches because their feathers are not blue Cardinals don’t murder jays because their feathers are not red We could learn much from the birds Photo from Pixabay  


I sat in the glider outside this morning To begin my meditation Birds’ songs and squawks filled the air A single feather rocked back and forth As it journeyed from a tall tree To land on the glider beside me  It was not symmetrical Yet was still in good shape Blue and white tipped in … More Feather

The Cawcus

Taking a break from work I watch a gathering of crows in the oak outside my window They fly together in unison caw to the passing clouds, jockey for best position on the oak’s bare branches Then one by one they fly away their caucus must be over as is my break from work   … More The Cawcus


I am captivated by the creative aspects of shadows. Please enjoy this delicate poem from my WP friend, S. Thomas Summers. See the full post at Ornithology  to view the delightful photo that inspired this poem.  Ornithology The mourning dove insulates her nest with the shadows fairies cast, a darkness that softens earth and, when carefully … More Ornithology

Migration Love

On a branch of the maple with leaves trimmed in red a starling with brindled brown feathers sits, now two, now three each on her own branch More congregate sharing the maple but never sharing a branch until in unison they take flight in a crescendo of noisy song and whoosh of wings flying southward … More Migration Love

Present Cycle

Light is a gift to the sky Air is a gift to voice Talk is a gift to friendship Handholding gifts a stroll Hiking is a gift to a home Roofs are gifts to migrating flocks Birds are gifts to the heavens The sky is a gift to light   Image is an original photo … More Present Cycle