Have you ever awoken from a dream to find yourself still in bed in yet another dream? Have you ever reached a state of enlightenment to find yourself wondering if this new awareness is yet another level of awakening?   The title of the poem references a movie called Inception about multiple layers of dreaming. Graphic courtesy … More Inception

Beyond Heaven

dream beyond heaven awaken to expansiveness it’s only life after all unlearn what doesn’t connect there’s more than one answer dream beyond heaven soak the roots of what you know with unscienced surprises it’s only life after all savor your introduction to re-eternity dream beyond heaven braid cleverness with uncertainty and awe it’s only life … More Beyond Heaven

Possibilities [haibun]

Life serves up disappointment when expectations of pleasure is its focus. Each moment is pregnant with joy but also pregnant with displeasure. Expect neither! Let each moment unveil itself with all its possibilities. Each moment is a complex mixture of what can be controlled by noticing, by being aware and the happenstance that occurs like an … More Possibilities [haibun]


I touched his arm he held my hand for a brief moment “I love you” “I love you” I rolled out of bed to start my day loved   Image by Pexals

Morning Eyes

My waking mind at first resembles the humor of my dream, until a distant instinct pulls me toward a solid world. The cusp between my waking and my dream worlds lingers on my lashes like a misty gauze before a gentle rain.   The inspiration for this poem, oddly enough, was Longfellow’s Day Is Done, … More Morning Eyes

Collective Awakening

Holding the steaming cup in both hands, I walk in mindful meditation to the table, careful not to spill a single dark drop on the cream carpet.  I share my first sip of java with millions of my neighbors across barriers of geography, culture, and time as in unison we welcome a new day. Some … More Collective Awakening