Why Leaves Turn Brown in Autumn: A Taradiddle*

A great green dragon flies over trees Exhales its fiery breath scorching all the leaves * taradiddle (noun) – pretentious nonsense The true origin of taradiddle is unknown, but that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter a lot of balderdash about its history. Some folks try to connect it to the verb diddle (meaning “to cheat”), … More Why Leaves Turn Brown in Autumn: A Taradiddle*

Life as a Poem

I awoke to a windy flood of dawn, fall’s October beginning; I opened the shades, found that last night’s rain fall made flood puddle tunnels throughout the gardens. Before I let the cat out, I checked the tiny tunnel beneath the chipmunk rock, none were playing there this crisp morning. I read a dharma about … More Life as a Poem

Blue Slate Special

The day served up a blue slate special Greens mixed with reds and yellows Against a sapphire sky Topped with a dollop of clouds   Photo was taken at Independence Oaks Park, MI

Possibilities [haibun]

Life serves up disappointment when expectations of pleasure is its focus. Each moment is pregnant with joy but also pregnant with displeasure. Expect neither! Let each moment unveil itself with all its possibilities. Each moment is a complex mixture of what can be controlled by noticing, by being aware and the happenstance that occurs like an … More Possibilities [haibun]

Full [tanka]

Disk of luminance autumn’s harvest moon delight Wisps of onyx clouds float across her large round face, fleeting veils lace through moonbeams Photo taken by David Holder in SE Michigan on 10/05/2017 Exceptional


Today may I find a spark to see this day as unique, its yellow leaves that dance from high branches and blanket green grass in sunlight. Awaken me from the sleep of routine leaf by leaf nuance by nuance toward a fire of compassion.   Image from Pixabay