Facing Myself [puente*]

the mirror stands in the cornerreflects an image of how I appear ~ so I greet my Self with a welcome smile ~ knowing tucked deep withinwhat no mirror can reflect, my heart * Read more about this poetic form in an article from Shadow Poetry called Puente. Photo by Taylor Smith courtesy of Unsplash

Gift of Solitude

This is the day emerging without any sort of plan a day to make acquaintance again with a self you’d almost forgotten the self you once knew well that’s been covered by the ruckus of doing This is the day drifting to the gentle current of stillness where you hear the solo birdsong backed by … More Gift of Solitude

Gibran Love

Love can mutate into brittle codependence paralyzing both from the possibility of growth Keep  love fluid, two streams each flowing with integrity of self while changing course together through communion of their hearts   This poem was inspired by a passage on marriage from The Prophet written by Kahlil Gibran and published in 1923: Let there be … More Gibran Love