Buddha Buddy

Mindful meditationgives me practice ofnoticing the coming andgoing of my breath,my thoughts Until Jack, the cat, jumps on the tabledisrupting art suppliesgiving me practice ofnoticing the coming andgoing of my attention He’s my furry Buddha buddy Photo of Jack disrupting my art table in the room where I meditate.


Paying Attention to My Attention

Eating my breakfast eggs, sipping on my coffee trying to pay attention as I read an essay on the pitfalls of the practice of attempting to multitask Inspired by How to Concentrate When You’re Distracted: We’re worse at multitasking than we think in Tricycle magazine. Photo by Milada Vigerova courtesy of Unsplash


Noisy black birds fly across the horizon of my mind Tiny busy ants scurry in all directions inside my head Tangled kudzu vines choke out the focus of creative thought Stop Notice Create a still space think the thought with intent Create another still space before thinking another thought    This poem is about mental … More Hooptedoodle

Occurring Now

Phenomena are temporal Sniffles do go away A pleasurable meal ends A breeze dies The storm passes Flowers fade On a micro level When senses Connect with a stimulus A unique moment Arises for an instant Then vanishes You never breathe the same breath Never step into the same river Never see the same cloud … More Occurring Now

Let Me In, Let Me In

The yellow lab trumpets his request “Let me in, let me in,” until the red door opens where he comes in from the cold into warmth Loving kindness whispers her request “Let me in, let me in” until my heart opens and she transforms my apathy into concern The photo captures the dog across the … More Let Me In, Let Me In


I have all this stuff in my house in my head even in my heart Let me clear out this clutter to open up the space for living deeply with a scarcity of transient things living deeply with a scarcity of reverence to rewards living deeply with a scarcity of attachment to any one truth … More De-cluttering


Invite composure to tea when the day becomes intense Relax knotted muscles when tensions start to brew Divest entrenched habits to create fresh perspectives Release the crowd of distractions that fill your mind with fluff Use the playfulness you were born with to heal yourself of dis-ease

Come With Me

I am stumbling toward something real Come with me, come with me We’ll touch the wild flame before it is consumed Listen with attention to fluttering hummingbird heartbeats We do not exist in separate universes We are fragments of the same whole Accessible only in the immediate moment Let’s stumble toward something real together Come … More Come With Me