In a studio each day with the corps de ballet Then a teacher for children struggling to read A single mom of a son with no experience with boys Those identities, impermanent  A technical writer penning Help for app users A designer for professors putting courses online A stay-at-home mom while their dad traveled for … More Impermanence

Becky’s Back Yard

Becky’s back yard is full of growth tender young trees beneath old oaks thrusting their branches to heaven From my writing room window, I see only a patch of the yellow green field of my own back yard but Becky’s back yard offers a full performance – The daily drama of a mother raccoon teaching … More Becky’s Back Yard


Two elms, siblings, grew tall together for years side by side near my window One became ill and died last year, the other in grief died this spring A carver of wood was invited to see latent art within the dead stumps Now two great blue herons stand tall together looking up to the future … More Afterlife

Monarch Hope [tanka]

Upon Monarch wings across many boundaries steadfast hope endures through cocoon and chrysalis of fourfold generations This drawing and tanka are another page on the topic of hope for the traveling visual journal project. See Potential for the first entry.  


When you look upon an empty page can you see potential art – a poem, a painting, a doodle or a story, a creation waiting in hope that you will be the catalyst to bring it to fruition? Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor … More Potential