Five Assertions

ONEIt’s like the oppositeof a black hole,a capacious expanse thatincludes all energy,all light TWOAt first you may bedisoriented like whenyou awaken in a hotelroom away from homenot knowing where you are THREEDuring a gradual transitionyou become aware of aconnectivity you have with allbeings to the point wherethere are no distinctions FOURConcerns about the war,inflation, job … More Five Assertions

Labyrinth of Mystery

Uncertainty is winking within this labyrinth of life mystery interspersed throughout the dead ends of certainty Along the path of not-knowing I am humbled by an unfamiliar joy the taste of ambiguity, the rustling of new perspective devoid of any closure open to an arising of what is My tiny world is athwart to the … More Labyrinth of Mystery


Does the bumblebee ask why it forages pollen? Does the tulip maple ask why it blooms? Does the moon ask why she conceals her dark side? The answer to every layer of “why?” contains another layer of questions. When I ponder the myriad why’s of my purpose I suspect it’s more than just following laws … More Why’s

Addition Problem

You ask me to solve for the answer to the problem of x plus y. What do you mean the answer? There is no the answer. It’s just an illusion of permanence. By the time I measure y the x has already changed. It’s like trying to measure a shadow cast against a sun lit … More Addition Problem