She jumped in my lap unexpectedly With padded paws, no claws at all She shifted a bit until settled Let me stroke her soft fur And purred Until she became this poem   One of my feline muses, Chloe, was the inspiration for this post.   Image from Pixaby


They walked along the ravine Stopped to view the brown ribbon of river Far, far below A stone near her foot gave way Tumbled and bounced into another rock Which tumbled into yet another Rocks and dirt gained momentum on the descent Picking up more and more speed Amassing more and more of the steep … More Landslide

Butterfly Serendipity

We made butterfly wings From pink cellophane Glued them to hair clips You never wore But we laughed as we worked Probably ate some ice cream For years I opened drawers Saw a butterfly barrette And laughed again   Image from LoveKid Trading Company site

Perennials [haibun]

For the second day, dank air clings to life in the woods beyond my windows. March has been harsh since the equinox, all the more jarring since the solstice this year brought kind weather for months. The bulbs buried deep in the earth know when it’s their time to emerge and touch the sky, though, … More Perennials [haibun]


Among one hundred billion galaxies where I am so minuscule, just one tiny soul in the oceans of many does my life have meaning? Do I ask what has no answer? Am I pompous to make such a query? If I subdue the haughty ego does the question go away? Would having an answer serve … More Enigma

Mother’s Hands

In celebration of International Women’s Day My mother’s hands held me My mother’s hands washed my hair My mother’s hands sewed my cotton shifts and later my wedding dress In a big yellow bowl her hands kneaded together bread and onions sage and broth to make huge batches of cornbread dressing for our Sunday feast … More Mother’s Hands

Deja Vu

I have an odd feeling that I revised these same lines before Not that deja vu feeling when the wires in my brain get tangled between real time and memory More like time folding over and touching itself   Photo taken by LuAnne Holder on the South Rim Trail at the Grand Canyon 02/2017


Hurry up and meditate Don’t take long or you’ll be late Too much to do to stop, but wait! I’ll be less rushed if I meditate.   In this world of onrushing events the act of meditation—even just a “one-breath” meditation—straightening the back, clearing the mind for a moment—is a refreshing island in the stream.  – … More Deceleration


Layers of canyon below my feet Embraced by dark skies raining stars Me at the heart of a dichotomy of splendor Hugging the arm of my lover   Image by Pixabay