Theory of Evolving

The epitome of foresight is belief in one’s ability to be malleable. By reorienting to divergent viewpoints you countervail forces that entrap you to patterns of your past   Photo of man in Guatemala courtesy of Pixabay. Theory

Catapulting Into Joy

Catapult me into joy – oh, leaves in brief suspension before swaying down to earth oh, clouds that paint a full moon with broad brush strokes oh, freedom of loose hair blown back by sudden breeze oh,  whiff of campfire memories clinging on my shirt Amidst mundane moments I glimpse these jewels of bliss, intimate … More Catapulting Into Joy

Labyrinth of Mystery

Uncertainty is winking within this labyrinth of life mystery interspersed throughout the dead ends of certainty Along the path of not-knowing I am humbled by an unfamiliar joy the taste of ambiguity, the rustling of new perspective devoid of any closure open to an arising of what is My tiny world is athwart to the … More Labyrinth of Mystery


I have all this stuff in my house in my head even in my heart Let me clear out this clutter to open up the space for living deeply with a scarcity of transient things living deeply with a scarcity of reverence to rewards living deeply with a scarcity of attachment to any one truth … More De-cluttering

Goal Reached

For the past few weeks I have taken a break from Wind Rush to concentrate on the marathon writing challenge of National Novel Writing Month, affectionately known as NaNoWriMo. For the month of November, participants are challenged to write 50,000 words of a novel. This year was my first attempt. It was an interesting experience. … More Goal Reached


I did not expect what happened it took off in odd directions one character started to fall in love another became philosophical Since fiction is not my forte I did not expect what happened novel pages filled with poems why not? one character is a poet For hours I’ve written an emerging plot become friends … More Unexpected

Ephemeral Gifts

I breathe the salmon pink and golden peach of sunrise before retreating to my meditation cushion where thoughts pierce my silence then dissolve I hear the chime to find a sunrise that has morphed into a full blue wispy sky of morning Grateful to have noticed the sunrise of my thoughts a reminder to embrace … More Ephemeral Gifts