Apartment Hallway After Work

Through Strawberry Fields and Beyancé’s beat Through baba ghanoush and fresh bread aroma Toward mews of greetings behind locked doors Home     Day 10 Prompt:  Write a poem of simultaneity – in which multiple things are happing at once. Photo courtesy of Pixabay Advertisements

Morning Activity

She glowed a bright verb at sunrise She steamed a hot verb with coffee She penned short verbs in her journal And giggled a pun verb while making a whish She sliced up a soft verb while toasting the bread She sizzled a sunny verb cooking her eggs She thwarted most grim verbs as she … More Morning Activity


In a studio each day with the corps de ballet Then a teacher for children struggling to read A single mom of a son with no experience with boys Those identities, impermanent  A technical writer penning Help for app users A designer for professors putting courses online A stay-at-home mom while their dad traveled for … More Impermanence

Concocted Titles

In the self-help section of the library of my mind I find titles I might want to explore: Just Dropped in to See What Intentions My Intentions Were In Born in the Middle of the Universe and Don’t Know How to Escape Judgement Is Never Right Because It’s Also Left Getting Things Done by Not … More Concocted Titles

Dear One and Me

When I journal each day I write to a muse I call Dear One Isn’t this Dear One still my Self? Is she not my own writing ego? Aren’t we both the same “I” writing or different personas like a meta-Self?     I did not do the prompt as written today but the poem … More Dear One and Me

Two Me’s

I feel fury rise within me “You’re just wrong” I want to call out My face aflame My breathing tight Full of righteous rage I feel the goodness rise within me “I wish you peace,” I want to call out My eyes gracious My breathing easy Full of lovingkindness How can rage and kindness both … More Two Me’s

Spring Color: Six six-word stories

Purple peeks through the brown. Spring. Cool mists feed Earth’s green. Spring. Umbrellas sprinkle walkways with color. Spring. Buds prick bare limbs crimson. Spring. Forsythia awakens with sunshine yellow. Spring. Floral dresses replace grey coats. Spring. All photos courtesy of Pixabay.com except for the floral dresses photo courtesy of bing.com. images and the tree buds … More Spring Color: Six six-word stories


I walk along Mill Creek listening to its gurgling song Dry leaves left from late autumn migrate across the fields A French horn bark of an old yellow dog carries through the crisp air Above, a squirrel’s nests sways visible while limbs are still bare I am but a molecule swirling through the spiral of … More Stardust

Dawn’s Plea

Sparkles dance when fingers brush against a frosty pane The wind catcher spins below while bare limbs sway above  A black lab rests unmovable beneath a rocking truck Fog ignores Dawn’s plea to lift till Wind pushes the issue   Graphic by Annie Spratt courtesy of Unsplash