To fill the pool of desire to a level of enough, notice blessings from the shore, then dive into the quiet depths, place a pebble of new perspective where you can notice how empty spaces equally are blessings as the pool begins to swell with maximum enough.   Image by Pixabay


The champagne bubbles were the chatty aside to the serious issue to be discussed. His tip of the hat was his coy decoy for hiding his face from his lover. She knew she had to return to the place where she had lived over a year ago. This place was not an illusion, yet that … More Bubbles

Calico Garden

In the calico garden where bolts line up in even rows of pristine potential she touches the textiles to feel the cloth speak then picks indigo blossoms tilled in a landscape of teal She’ll cut and pin and stitch together a new shirt to get wrinkled and worn and possibly torn fulfilling its purpose to … More Calico Garden

On Time

Time, like weather is capricious we cannot possess the weather nor can we possess time Time cannot be banked like money or hoarded like collectibles all we have is this one moment We can possess intentions, however like owning a car or a sweater if an intention doesn’t suit our needs, we can just let … More On Time


If I write out a list of things to accomplish today I will not write that I need to get milk, or weed the garden or finish the laundry I will not include mopping the floors or even editing a poem for those chores are ongoing and can never be marked off a list  So … More Aspiration

For Pam

For years on my birthday a package arrived, Two or three heirloom iris bulbs selected After pouring over catalogs during summer When I’d visit my gardening friend An autumn birthday is a perfect time For planting bulbs for summer An exercise in patience For both me and the bulbs Just as lilac purple is spent … More For Pam