Come With Me

I am stumbling toward something real Come with me, come with me We’ll touch the wild flame before it is consumed Listen with attention to fluttering hummingbird heartbeats We do not exist in separate universes We are fragments of the same whole Accessible only in the immediate moment Let’s stumble toward something real together Come … More Come With Me


When we scrutinize our connections woven by relationships, the concept of individuality begins to fray into curly threads strewn upon the floor of reality     Graphic by

Wellspring of Words

I want to pen words defying boundaries created that separate me from others I want to pen words that bleed out all blame so compassion can pump through my veins I want to pen words as conundrums wedding opposites into one silver ring I want to pen words to stumble upon like a root going … More Wellspring of Words

The Alchemy of Art

In writing a poem I am the absence of the poem When I write words more words fill in the spaces between those written words This is one reason why I write to see where I am not any more so that new words, new combinations of sounds can reveal themselves to a metamorphosing me … More The Alchemy of Art

Insidious Busyness

“How are you doing?” I asked of a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. “Oh, busy, busy. Always busy.” She asked me the same and my answer was similar, listing the things I’d been doing, good things – art class, writing, caring for a sick friend. As I listed my activities, though I had … More Insidious Busyness

Monarch Hope [tanka]

Upon Monarch wings across many boundaries steadfast hope endures through cocoon and chrysalis of fourfold generations This drawing and tanka are another page on the topic of hope for the traveling visual journal project. See Potential for the first entry.  


When you look upon an empty page can you see potential art – a poem, a painting, a doodle or a story, a creation waiting in hope that you will be the catalyst to bring it to fruition? Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor … More Potential

Thawing Frost

“Hey, Nashville” he called to me. He lifted a large hand in greeting as we met to walk into the shelter together.  I had mentioned on previous visits that Nashville was my home town. He had lived there for a while after his first stint in the Michigan state penitentiary and this had given us … More Thawing Frost