For neglecting the asparagus until they wilted, I forgive you; for spending three hours snuggled on the couch last night watching “Jane Eyre”, I forgive you I forgive you for not calling your cousin on his birthday, for posting a poem mediocre at best, for not loading the dishwasher before bed All those evenings you … More Forgiveness


A Day for Play

It’s a sing along daywhen starlings polka dot the dawnas muffins scent the windowpaneswith poppy seeds and cinnamon It’s a sparkle daywhen blessings tumble like confettiand the rumble in your tummyis satisfied with bon bons It’s a snazzy daywhen jazz renditions razzmatazzas banana kiwi bubble gumfrolics in your mouth It’s a periwinkle dayso crinkle stresses … More A Day for Play

Grateful Manifestation

Soft warm flannel pjsinsulate me from the chillsof paned air as I composeby my writing window Flannel cloth wovenby hands that work the loomcloth cut and stitchedby folks to whom I’m grateful Cotton planted, grown,harvested for others’ skillsby farmer hands unknown,to whom I’m also grateful To earthworms I give thanks fortilling soil beneath the surface,aerating … More Grateful Manifestation


Peace came to me today on wings of rowdy crows their joyous ruckus rocked bare branches amid wild winter’s wind Peace stayed with me today through carrot chopping rhythm, steam hissing from the Instant Pot, warm water washing hands Peace did slip away from me through a kitchen plumbing mishap,reading news of trials and scandals … More Peace

Lizard Eyes

Glancing to the sideshe gazes at the world of now Looking upward he watches  wild geese puncture the grey skin of alate November sky Ahead he detectsacceleration to the grave Blinking black eyes,shiny with moistureespy layers of lifewith no tears of woe Inspired by the Twiglet #307 prompt, “lizard eyes“ Photo by Selin Sahin courtesy … More Lizard Eyes

Leave the Leaves

I am the grey sky wind on this late November day that rustles the few remaining crackly leaves I am crackly leaves tenacious, clinging to branches when my cousins have already swirled to the ground I am the ground blanketed by leafage housing beetles, worms, crickets unseen by the woman in the window I am … More Leave the Leaves

Trying to Reconcile

How can I understand in my heartwhat doesn’t make sense in my head? How can I reconcile spiritual preceptswith logical ambiguity? Could it be like the canvas of skythere to support the changing clouds? Could it be like the constant silencethere to support splashes of sound? Photo taken from my front porch.


We stocked up at Costco yesterday filled our pantry with a bounty of sweet corn, green beans, and stewed tomatoes, brown rice, spices, and quinoa,vitamins, vodka, and vegetable broth – our autumn cache for sustenance while we incubate creative reflectionwithin our warm abodethrough the dormant winter as we and the good earth rest Photo courtesy … More Harvest


If I had a song I would sing for the woodpecker whose home we destroyed yesterday as he was making a nest of our wood sculpture I would sing a song of hope that he could find another home while the weather is still mild to winter-in protected from icy storms If I had a … More Song

Misty Morn

Fog muddled boundaries between lake and sky. Six mallards, dark specks on the grey lake, chattered in a group; one lone male sat on the far side of the path. Blackbirds squawked, sparrows chirped; all obscured by the grey above. In the fervor of this curious weather, the lake was alive with fowl exhortation. A … More Misty Morn