Dreamliner Flight LH443

At 39,000 feet above the ground
we cast shadows atop clouds over Galway –
Oh, what lyric pixels of Gaelic poetry
must frolic in the gusts of Limerick skies

I cannot fathom the collected verse of sages
pulsing through this Éire atmosphere
as we blast above Banbridge and Killough
where nodes of odes by bards still coalesce

May Celtic spirit and lively lingual lilt
permeate this silver bird, this Dream
to animate my pen forming lines upon my paper
at 500 miles per hour through Irish mist

Note: A special thanks to my daughter for planning and navigating a wonderful trip to Europe.
Thanks also to Lufthansa Airlines for pleasant, comfortable long-haul flights.

Photo by Julian Hochgesang courtesy of Unsplash.


16 thoughts on “Dreamliner Flight LH443

  1. Wow. You’re gliding on a silver bird— how fun, and have your pen at the ready pulling your fingers in the best direction. I love the imagery of your words.

    * gusts of Limerick skies— beautiful.
    * nodes of odes by bards still coalesce— again, beautiful!
    Loved reading this. Thanks. Xoxo

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