Hibernation (Winter Solstice 2022)

On the longest night, personal reflection
hums within my private hope

It’s dusk of the year,
activity, not faith, lies dormant
inside my hibernation,
surviving on the harvest
of seasons’ inspiration

This foundation of renewal,
unnoticed, under the surface,
needs no coaxing

Fertile dreams will unfold
as slowly as the lengthening of days
until time is ripe for creative expression

Happy winter solstice to readers in the Northern Hemisphere.
Happy summer solstice to readers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Photo by Aaron Burdon courtesy of Unsplash


12 thoughts on “Hibernation (Winter Solstice 2022)

    1. Thank you so much, VJ. I just facilitated a session with our writers group with the theme of darkness and the solstice. We got some good prompts for reflections on these concepts. Happy Solstice!


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