Peace came to me today
on wings of rowdy crows
their joyous ruckus rocked bare branches
amid wild winter’s wind

Peace stayed with me today
through carrot chopping rhythm,
steam hissing from the Instant Pot,
warm water washing hands

Peace did slip away from me
through a kitchen plumbing mishap,
reading news of trials and scandals
my pulse increased; my muscles tensed

I took a breath, brewed some tea
my smell-sense praised the soup
wind chimes sang alleluias outside
and peace came back today

Inspired by “Peace Came Today” by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff

Top photo by Viktor Talashuk courtesy of Unsplash
Bottom photo courtesy of pixabay


14 thoughts on “Peace

    1. Thank you, Jazz. I keep trying to remind myself that I can have peace no matter what if I come back to my breath, realize all is impermanent, and of course, tea (or wine for really irritating issues!).

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  1. Full Circle LuAnne ! I wonder how crow would go with your soup. I don’t like when I eat it but all of us have to eat crow sometimes. However, I never eat the feathers ! We have to draw the line somewhere. Rowdy crows are the worst ! Even when I have to “eat crow”…. a cup of tea always makes me feel better ! Earl Grey does the trick ! Sans Plumes, Sil vou plais LuAnne !!
    Your friend in French Polynesia
    Marc David

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