Leave the Leaves

I am the grey sky wind on this
late November day that
rustles the few remaining
crackly leaves

I am crackly leaves
tenacious, clinging to branches
when my cousins have already
swirled to the ground

I am the ground
blanketed by leafage
housing beetles, worms, crickets
unseen by the woman in the window

I am the woman in the window
writing this poem connected to the
beetles, leaves, and grey sky wind
grateful to be part of this
backyard ecosystem

For more information on autumn habitats, check out “Life in the Fallen Leaves“.

Photo of my unraked back yard


8 thoughts on “Leave the Leaves

  1. LuAnne, Are you connected to the Beetles or the Beatles ? It is IMPOSSIBLE not to connect your poem of “LEAVE THE LEAVES” with Walt Whitman’s “LEAVES OF GRASS”. Now “THAT” is the highest compliment I could ever give you ! Please accept it with a grain of salt. Then pause ..and take a breath.

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    1. Marc I relate to Beatles because I grew up with their music and love many of their songs from a deep emotional connection. I am also connected to beetles, and crickets, and dragonflies, and earthworms… (Not so much, centipedes or spiders.) Thank you for your comment and kind words.


      1. LuAnne ! Don’t talk to me about centipedes !!! I have not been victimized by one yet ! They grow them big down here south of the equator ! I had a big one try and chase me down. I jumped in my OLD VW VAN AND THE CENTIPEDE WAS TRYING TO PRY MY DOOR OPEN ! He or she was about 5 feet long and weighed about 100 pounds ! IT WAS A BIG RED ONE AND HAD A CROWBAR !! OR.. MAYBE THAT WAS JUST A DREAM ? Sometimes I get confused. No, that is a lie. I am always a little confused. I threw my peanut butter sandwich out the window and that was enough to pacify the critter while I escaped with my life but lost my sandwich ! I was going to make a citizens arrest but my handcuffs did not fit him/her. Also, I didn’t have 50 pair of handcuffs ! It is rough down here.
        French food, French pastries, Tahitian food ! Life is rough. Thank goodness for Hinano Beer and Hennessey Cognac. Trying to drink the experience “off my mind”.
        Your friend,
        Marc David


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