Waiting for a Thunderstorm

Morning sky is dark as dusk
winds approach, branches rustle
chipmunks chirp their warnings

One drop falls as prelude upon the maple
dappled a bit in amber and in coral
on the first week of autumn
when summer heat lingers

Tempestuous rumbles roll in from afar
electric passion shoots from cloud to earth
allegro torrents drum hardened ground

When last drops finally fall and
sunshine warms persisting beads of rain
left on static dappled maple leaves
petrichor fills the air, but beware calm is fickle

Heed darkened friction when it begins to bluster
when electric passion again arises in clouds’ mists
Be prepared – the next tempest is brewing
Brace yourself
Be ready

Compliment this with previous posts, After the Storm, After the Rain, and Pulse of Power.

Photo taken at Firefighter’s Park, Troy, MI


4 thoughts on “Waiting for a Thunderstorm

  1. Beautiful description of the before and after of a storm. I had to look up “petrichor!” Thanks for adding a word to my vocabulary! I always love your poems even though I do not always comment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment, BHW. I love that word, petrichor. I just recently learned it myself but it is such a descriptive word and knowing it makes me more mindful of the times when I can experience it. I do appreciate your kind words.

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