From Phil

I left you when red cherries no longer were in season
I left you when frost began to ice the dawn
I left you when nighttime reached further into daytime
I left you as late summer braced with chill
I left you before the harvest moon when autumn colors splash
I left you before I could say goodbye

So, remember
when you leave your house, know you may never return
when you dine with loved ones, it could be your last shared meal
when you joke with friends, it might be your last laugh together
when you tap your toe to a catchy beat it may be the last dance you dance
when you kiss your lover savor the touch with all of your affection
when you rest your head on your pillow at night, know you may never awaken

But if you do, may you wake with gratitude,
for your breath,
for your senses,
for this day when you’re alive

Embrace the joy in sharing love,
of living each moment
of this precious gift you’ve been given today –
your life

My cousin, Judge Philip E. Smith, age 62 of Nashville, TN, died September 4, 2022 unexpectedly in his sleep. He was survived by his wife of 39 years, two daughters, three grandchildren and a brother. He died days after being elected to a third term. Judge Smith had a passion for adoption, stating that “Adoption Day was the happiest day at the courthouse and everyone left happy”. In 2015, The Women’s Political Collaborative of Tennessee honored Judge Smith with a “Good Guys Award” for his work on domestic violence. Phil will be greatly missed by family and his vast number of friends.


22 thoughts on “From Phil

      1. Thank you, EW. Philip was a great husband, dad, grandfather, and son to the aunt and uncle I was probably most close to. He did epic work for women’s rights and protection in Nashville as a lawyer and then a judge. Why do the good guys die young?


  1. Such a beautiful, loving tribute LuAnne and I am so sorry for your loss. Sending love and light to you and all his family and friends at this difficult time 💞💜💞

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    1. Thank you, Xenia. I appreciate the love and light you send. It is much needed and gratefully received.

      While driving from my home in Michigan to Tennessee for Philip’s Celebration of Life service, I saw an exit in Ohio for Xenia. I am not sure if it was a street or a part of town but I smiled and thought of you when we passed it going there and coming home. It was a comfort.

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    1. Thank you, Heather. I have started awakening each day first thankful that I am still breathing, then as I prepare breakfast I think, “I am one day closer to my death. Really LIVE today.” It reminds me to be aware, to experience, to give fully. So I took a dance class on Friday – the first one in many years. It was invigorating. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your kind words.

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