Time Travel: Mom at 45 talking to her now 66-year-old daughter

Put cheese on that burger, it adds nutritional value, Mom had told her back in 1967
     Well, I do believe everything is connected, daughter thinks 53 years later  

Like watermelon and salt
     We each have a unique perspective and truth

 No, some things are just truth, like divorce is not moral
     Except if you think about it all things are impermanent

I can see that in how my body changes as I age
     Me, too. I listen to my tinnitus just to remind me that I’m alive

I mostly listen to Lawrence Welk and Bible teachings
     I tend to think we create our own reality

I realized I didn’t need sugar in my coffee if I eat a little sweet
    You don’t need sweet, Mom, you’re the sweetest person I know

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon courtesy of Unsplash


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