I’ve never lived in a wood nymph’s forest
with magic crossroads that lead
to my tree house
where expressways for walking
are deer-trodden paths,
the bus line a creek running through

If I was a dryad in an ancient oak forest,
I’d carpet my home with moss
hang a hammock high in the canopy
for misty summer days

On Tuesdays I’d flit to the coppice library
study flora and fauna and funga
I’d ponder for hours to
experience wisdom
that lives in the earth and
find a root of her magic

Dryads, in Greek mythology, are nymphs of oak trees. Their life force is connected to the tree where they reside.

The graphic is a shot from the delightful TED Ed video, The Secret Language of Trees by Camille Defrenne and Suzanne Simard (4.33 min).


8 thoughts on “Dryad

    1. Thank you, Joanna. I do love words like magic, and fauna, and misty, and nymph. (Oh, I just noticed they are all potential Wordle words! Must have been playing it too much. 🙂 )


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