I was born to dance with interconnections 
       cottonwood seeds perform a ballet
       outside my window
       on this breezy late spring day
My homeland emerged dancing with interconnections
       airy, some seeds float up,
       some seem to hang in the air,
       they change direction and speed 
The universe exploded to dance with interconnections
       no destination, just playing in the wind
       not touching or dancing in concert
       but dancing together all the same

The content of this poem was inspired by a sudden “snowstorm” of cottonwood seeds while I was responding to a prompt Pádraig Ó Tuama suggested in an episode of Poetry Unbound. The form of the poem was inspired by the Hermann Hesse poem, Flowering Branch.

Photo found on the Maumee Tackle Fishing Outfitters site.


9 thoughts on “Interspersed

  1. Beautiful capture of the magic of cottonwood snow! I’ve only experience that once, but it was memorable – thanks for bringing that one up front in my focus this morning. Especially like your last 3 lines suggest a model for we humans with differences – dance instead of confrontation.

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    1. Thank you, Jazz. For the past few days, I look out of my writing window and often see one of these dances. The seeds are so light they don’t just fall from the trees, they spin and go in all directions. We don’t even have any cottonwood trees, they come from the park behind the houses across the street, so they travel quite a way to get to my back window! Thank you for your comment on the last three lines. I was thinking about the Big Bang when I put the poem together, but I like your suggestion, too. You do have a knack, Jazz, of seeing what I haven’t yet seen in a poem. I appreciate it.

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