Destination Unknown

She rode a train with no carry-on baggage,
        no companion at her side 
She rode a train with no whistles
        no announcement of her departure
She rode a train on a track of all curves
        the pathway forward obscured
She rode a train through tunnels of darkness
        that later emerged into sunlight

She left disillusion at the station
She left greed there with her baggage
She left fear, angry words, and brokenness
She rode to her unknown future

This poem was inspired by Joy Harjo’s poem She Had Some Horses.

Photo by JK courtesy of Unsplash


11 thoughts on “Destination Unknown

  1. Beautifully written – if only there were a train to take me away from my “luggage” of angst at violent intolerance. We’re all “a track of all curves / pathway forward obscured” but most of us drag along our luggage of convictions. Your poem is a nudge to lighten that load a bit.

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    1. Once again, you have a way of seeing things in my poem I did not see myself! 🙂 Then again I wrote this poem before I read about the horrible tragedy (yet another one) in the TX school. Is that anywhere near you?

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      1. Uvalde is 177 miles away (per online map) – this incident amplifies fear in all who work in public schools – my daughter does [my husband did before retiring in 2021]. Texas promotes gun ownership; Texas restricts public school funding. Bad combination, highlighted in Uvalde. Your poem reminds me to focus on potential learning from this tragedy rather than packing more hatred into my political perspectives bag. Also, I ponder that young man’s view of his road ahead – the road behind him – how one’s view can be very different from another’s though side-by-side.

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