Ways to Keep Your Shirt Dry on a Cold Spring Day

It started when I tried
to take a walk before the rains
but rain began as I stepped out
onto the cold front porch
so I used that time instead to read a poem

Between errand and appointment,
as I drove with heated seats
I caught a glimpse of a shirtless man
walking his two dogs,
so I used that inspiration to write this poem

The graphic is a photo of a windshield by Charles Loyer merged with a photo of a shirtless man by James Barr, both courtesy of Unsplash

18 thoughts on “Ways to Keep Your Shirt Dry on a Cold Spring Day

    1. I had to do a double take when I saw him. It was only about 50 degrees and raining. The only thing I could figure was that he wanted to keep his shirt dry. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by, Heather. Have you recovered from NaPoWriMo? April wears me out but I love the challenge.

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      1. I enjoy reading your poems.

        It is a wonderful challenge that I look forward to, but the pace is tough! My next month long challenge is August. Last year I participated in the Postcard Poetry Challenge and that was a lot of fun and very inspiring!

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      2. That sounds like a great challenge with your friend.
        For the Poetry Postcard, there is a small entry fee. You get on a list of 31 people and every day you write a poem on a post card and send it to the next person on the list. And every day someone is writing a poem and sending it to you. I received original artwork and so many inspiring words. People join from all over the world. At the end of it there was a google meet where you could share and read if you wanted to. Here is the link if you want to explore what it is all about https://ppf.cascadiapoeticslab.org/

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