Tiny Delights

Stripes are everywhere
shadows of the still-bare trees
in the greening grass of a sunny spring day,
the blades of grass themselves are emerald stripes
as are indigo variegation in lavender crocuses

Polka dots are everywhere, too
little buds on the maple
so similar in color to the robin’s breast,
stars in the sky on a clear night,
and polka dots with wings that whirligig the air
sometimes the moon, always the sun
polka dot our world as well

Stripes and polka dots
little patterns in colors and shades of grey
Stripes and polka dots
what lovely gifts the universe offers

The Day Twelve prompt is to write about something very small.

This poem was inspired by the book Fifty-seven Reasons Not to Have a Nuclear War.

Photo is of purple crocuses in my front garden


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