On the side porch
by the holly bush,
black ants traversed
the warm concrete

They fascinated me,
these little creatures busy with
their close friends and family

I was alone;
the neighbor boys
were busy turning over
rocks in the creek

So, I sat by myself
watching those ants
knowing they were
totally unaware
of my presence

I was too large to
fit into their scope

I pondered how I, too,
as a small eight-year-old
might be unaware of beings
too large to fit within my scope

Would that matter?
My presence did not
seem to matter
to the ants

The Day Eleven prompt is to write a poem about something large.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


20 thoughts on “Scope

  1. I love things that make me stop and ponder. Your poem is just that: You’re making me reflect not of what was beyond my awareness as a child, but more so now… What are the things I forgot/am unaware of and am not considering? The big ones that could disrupt my world, perhaps without even realizing they did?

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  2. I like the 8-yr-old perspective … sometimes I think younger = wiser (not yet contaminated by should-be). I’d guess there are many things too large for my awareness even though I’m subtly influenced by their shadows when I get near.

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  3. A wonderful poem. It makes me reflect on where we put our attention and its importance. I too wrote about ants today, but couldn’t quite express my thoughts as well as you did. (I didn’t post mine)

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    1. Thanks, Heather. Funny that we would write about ants on a day when the prompt was to write about something large. 🙂 Maybe you can post your ant poem today when the prompt is to write about something tiny. I’d love to see your ant poem.

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