Listening Stream

This world has all kinds of listening
They’re all kinds of streams in this world
There are all kinds of smooth stones
in the streams of this world
So, stone-smoothing streams
are good places
to practice
quiet –

The Day Nine prompt was to write a nonet, a nine-line poem with a descending number of syllables in each line.

This poem was inspired by a children’s book called Open House for Butterflies by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. The graphic is an illustration from that book.


5 thoughts on “Listening Stream

    1. Thank you so much, Heather. I love that illustration I used as a graphic. Another illustration is captioned “The world has all kinds of ears.” and there’s a drawing of all these dogs. It is a delightful way to view the world.

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  1. I am really enjoying reading your responses to the prompts, LuAnne, and this one was especially pleasing. I also am learning new poetic forms from your postings. Thank you so much.

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