Surround yourself with the space of
a grateful state of mind,
stare out the window, notice your breath
ponder what makes your heart really sing,
like balloons,
fresh cherries,
ducklings on the lake,
challenging times you got through

If an idea lands in this space
free-write a while in your journal

If no ideas emerge in this space
go to a file of rejected drafts,
collect random misfit words
until you have an abundant sampling
of unrelated scraps
for a little spice, open a nearby book
pull out a random phrase or two,
add this to the mix

Now most of the writing is already there
so, it’s time to play with the pieces
arranging the puzzle-poem inspirations
so that it makes your heart sing

The NaPoWriMo prompt for today was to describe a writing prompt as a poem. Read the details on the Day Four prompt.

To make this poem a bit self-referential, I did add a phrase from a poem by Chelan Harkin titled “Begin Anywhere” from Susceptible to Light. The phrase from that poem was ‘abundant sampling’.

Photo by Els Fattah courtesy of Unsplash


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