Green Perspective

Darling grasshopper, bottle green
antennae posing questions to the meadow
I wonder what your version of this field is –
blades of grass towering over your body

You can leap with one grand jeté
to a carnival of creatures I can’t see
buzzing, whirling, creeping, crawling
you, the star of acrobatic feats

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


15 thoughts on “Green Perspective

  1. Wonderful – have always noticed leaping grasshoppers (how could one not notice?) but now I’ll see them as athletes – maybe showing off, maybe just practicing, anticipating … a cat such as my Brie choosing to do her own leaps with grasshopper-crunch in mind. (Her leaps are impressive, but grasshoppers always vanish before she lands.) Love your query re how tall grass looks to the grasshopper.

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      1. There’s this great story (Oscar Wilde?) about a boy who gets a puppy and is completely fascinated by what his puppy might be thinking. This fascination drives him to become a neuroscientist (or something like that :)), and finally, he creates a machine that can read thoughts! By then, his dog is getting up there, even in dog years, but the boy-now-neuroscientist hooks the dog up to the machine as his first test subject. After all, he was the reason that he went down this research path.

        Guess what the first thought to be registered is, from the dog?

        “I wonder if humans think.” 🙃

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