Ah, Moon, I gravitate to your grace,
admire how your beauty 
dances a pas de trois with 
Sun, Earth

Your spirit, inspired by Sun,
interprets this intensity,
offers your choreography
to Earth

Who keeps you at a distance
so we see your light perspective
in waxing/waning forms 
from afar

We don’t see your pocked face
or your rocky spheroid body,
just your unique rendering of 
Sun’s light, 

Your creative process of
constant interpretive dance
deepens my attraction to
your rhythms

Your imagination… is mostly an accidental dance between collected memory and influence… a construction that awaits spiritual ignition. – Nick Cave

This post was a result of a pas de trois of inspiration. The first draft was inspired by the poem, The Full Moon by Chelan Harkin. The first edits were inspired by Nick Cave on Creativity, the Myth of Originality, and How to Find Your Voice in Marginalian. The final edits were inspired by Word Press artist,

Graphic courtesy of Pixabay


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