Death is a red scarf
wrapped around my neck
right at my jugular
to remind me that

Life is all around
but always precarious
be married to the blaze of being alive

Top photo by Lesia and Serhii Artymovych courtesy of Unsplash
Bottom photo from Quotefancy


14 thoughts on “Death

  1. The Castaneda quote is solid advice – easily ignored in my younger days. In today’s world, death is not just for the elderly – even young children need their red scarves – especially in areas at war.
    [My personal resonance has to do with weighing priorities for how I spend my mental and physical energy … is “this” (current option) worth NOT getting around to various other desires … I cannot do it all!]

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    1. Very well put, Jazz. Once again you have seen something in this poem that I didn’t see. That idea of weighing this option of how to spend time/energy with it’s worth for overall health and well-being. That’s a tough one sometimes. Hope you are well. Thanks for stopping by and as always, thanks for your poignant comments.

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  2. A powerful poem and instead of ending with the punctuation mark of an exclamation mark, you underscored it with a quote for a perfect exclamation mark. I feel a personal connection to the poem: it would have been so much safer, easier to just continue in our day-to-day rat race of a job. It took that scarf to remind us that the time for an Endless Weekend is … now. Words (poem) to live by.

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    1. Oh, I so love that slight spelling change that takes the poem to a whole deeper level. Thank you so much for this comment! Maybe life is so precious because it’s precarious. Maybe we feel how precarious it is because it is so precious. This is a precious comment. It adds much to the poem.

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