Twice Blessed [haibun]

What brings joy to my cat’s heart I wonder? A loose hair tie on the floor to play with? Or an unexpected tuna treat? What about the squirrels outside? A playmate to chase in circles up a tree? A cozy nest to share up high? What about the random deer who saunters through the yard? A maple leaf peeking through the snow? Or better yet some corn that went astray. And what about the infant in the house next door? Warm milk and cuddles from Mom? Big sister tickling his toes? Blessings come as custom gifts for each. Today for me, it was two celestial glories witnessed upon my awakening.

Twice blessed this morning

charcoal clouds veil crescent moon,

sun rises ablaze

Both photos were taken from my front porch on January 27, 2022.


18 thoughts on “Twice Blessed [haibun]

  1. I so enjoyed reading your eloquent words of what brings joy to you and our fellow earthling creatures, LuAnne. I appreciatively gazed upon that same crescent moon just a half-hour ago. Sending wishes for lots of bright spots in your day.

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    1. Thank you, Jet. Your wish sending was fulfilled. The forecast said it would be cloudy all day, but the clouds thinned and now it is sunny enough to make shadows in the snow! Thanks for stopping by, commenting, and sending me some sunshine.

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