Sun Lamp Day

Today’s a sun lamp kind of day
Ground is whitened, heavens are grey
Snowflakes dance an icy ballet
Inside I’ll stay, inside I’ll stay

The sun lamp heals my gloomy mood
Now I won’t sit inside and brood
Instead, I’ll cook some comfort food
My joy renewed, my joy renewed

Thanks to my WordPress friend, Mouse, at The Twisting Tail for teaching me about the poetic form, the monotetra. You can learn more about this poetic form by following the link above.

Photo of my sun lamp against the window in my writing room.

19 thoughts on “Sun Lamp Day

  1. Nice rhythm to this, and I like the rhyming. Mostly, I like the sense of settling in on a chilly grey day to write a poem!
    I don’t have a sun lamp but I am sitting very near my little portable heater (in the glow of the computer screen, an inferior light source but quite bright). My heater purrs …

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