Purple Dawn

Cold stings my face as the coral dawn brightens
I'm bundled in my purple down coat,
purple stocking cap, purple gloves
and purple paisley scarf 
I go to market for supplies
to make winter vegetable soup

Masked, I enter, fumble for the list
amid all my winter layers
remove my hat and gloves 
mentally map
a journey of least encounters

A woman taps my coat from behind
lifts one of my purple gloves
asks before I see her face,
"Is this yours?"
I take my glove, "Thank you so very much,"
thinking how obvious it 
was that a purple glove would be mine

What an anonymous, kind gesture, though,
a connection that she could have
ignored. I crossed paths with her
a few times in my brief visit,
no further conversation
but I sent a lovingkindness meditation
her way and thanked the universe
for that encounter
and wondered, could such unexpected
gestures of kindness, acts seeking no compensation,
be the link that could connect us all
beyond boundaries of “them” and “us”?

As I walk out of the market, I see
that the coral dawn has melted up
into bright new morning sunshine

Top phot by Jeremy Bezanger, bottom photo by Andrey Ginkevich, both courtesy of Unsplash


13 thoughts on “Purple Dawn

  1. Beautiful images. Your “encounter” prompts a recurring question for me: what drew the players together? I’ve had similar experiences when I sense some upper hand gently nudging me and another into a brief interaction. Your purple glove became the connection in this scene … inspiration to don noticeable attire when I venture out! And a model of lovingkindness.

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    1. Thank you, Jazz. Oddly, I went to the same store this morning and I saw that same woman again. My gloves were firmly in my pocket. 🙂 It was the glove this time, but I had a lovely conversation pre-pandemic over avocados and how the skins could be used as hand lotion. That bit of knowledge has come in handy with all the hand washing for two years.

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  2. Yes, kindness matters. Yes, connection matters. I enjoyed your poem.
    I found this stanza especially relatable.

    Masked, I enter, fumble for the list
    amid all my winter layers
    remove my hat and gloves
    mentally map
    a journey of least encounters

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  3. Delightful poem, LuAnne. Lovely how your solitary entry into the store and the mental map of “least encounters” leads to a tap on the shoulder and an act of kindness. We juggle all these ups and downs in a single visit to the market these days, and it is wearying, but necessary. And the winter dawn and day continue. Truly beautiful poem.


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