Doing Something

This poem does not answer the question,
“What is the meaning of life?”
It cannot make the pandemic go away
or give me permission to go back to the gym

This poem is just a screen shot of
a moment in my life where
two young men are cleaning bathroom grout
making a lot of noise
leaving me grateful that I don't have to 
scrub the grout myself

I'd rather write this poem instead
I'd rather write instead of doing most housework
but this poem doesn't do the housework for me

So, at some point I will have to go downstairs, 
clean up the dishes I left on the counter
yet not disturb my husband napping on the couch 
because grout-cleaning is noisy upstairs

And this poem will not comfort the cats 
disturbed by the disruption, 
one a pandemic cat not used to visitors
the other moving toward death 
seeking a sunny spot near the Christmas tree

This poem will not save her from cancer, 
if that is what the growth actually is
nor give me a diagnosis of 
her condition without invasive procedures 
or call my daughter in Germany 
to tell her that her cat could be dying

This poem cannot save the cats, or me, or my husband, 
or the two young men cleaning my grout 
or even you, dear reader

This poem can only express waiting,,, 
to do something… anything…
yet, writing this poem is 
doing something as I wait, 
isn't it? 

Photo by fotografierende courtesy of Upslpash


22 thoughts on “Doing Something

    1. Thanks, VJ. The bathroom looks great now and we put in a new frameless shower door. I love it! Oh, my little Chloe. She’s 16 and has stopped eating much. I am not sure that she will survive until we can get her to see the oncologist next month. So we are just giving her extra cuddles and any food she might sample. This is life. You love and you lose. Happy that we had the time we’ve had with her. I really think this poem is about Chloe.

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    1. Thank you, Joanna. Yes, there is always waiting. Waiting for what best to do for Chloe is hard. There just aren’t a lot of cat oncologists around. She seems content and I am giving her extra loving. I so appreciate your good wishes. And you have a happy holiday as well.


  1. Wonderful post – and it DID indeed “do something” – you held a mirror up for me – thank you! I’ve been writing frequently lately as it somehow gets me past my own mental roadblocks so I can keep moving forward. Please stroke Chloe for me – I have an 18-yr-old calico waning in all respects except her ever-loud purrrr. She’s my model for aging!

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