Carry-on Paradise

Travel can be stressful
TSA scrutiny, crowded lines at gates
But I have a secret paradise -
my carry-on, underneath my ribs

It's lovingkindness meditation,
sending thoughts of peace and health to
myself and that grumpy traveler 
scowling behind his mask

It may not lighten his heart
that I wish him freedom from suffering
but it never fails to calm
my own heart while I wait

This paradise then spreads 
throughout the terminal
invisible loving vibes
bouncing to other travelers

A bit of kindness energy
to calm the traveling blues

Created using the Twiglet prompt "underneath my ribs"

Photo by Charles Gao courtesy of Unsplash


14 thoughts on “Carry-on Paradise

  1. I used to try very hard to do this while waiting at immigration at JFK! With usually 45-60 minutes to wait until one arrived at the guy who stamps your passport, there was plenty of time to simply breath and calm one’s self inwardly. This seemed to also put me in a better place to answer the usual questions at the desk – only once, during the Trump era, was I threatened with being sent back home because I’d mistakenly said I was visiting to work instead of visiting to attend meetings!

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    1. That happened to us once at the Canadian border, but we got through. Domestic travel is stressful enough, international travel multiplies stress to the 10th. But I am sure you got used to it since it seems like you traveled a lot. I hope you are enjoying retirement.


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