Benevolent god

I am a benevolent god,
an omnipotent presence
presiding over my kitchen
blending ingredients at my whim,
spicing things up to my desire
to create a new dish to serve

As god, I have a personal bond
with carrots, avocados, and peppers,
checking on them often to
consider their condition,
choosing to use them
at peek readiness to
partner with me in creation

As god, I pay attention
to avoid a natural disaster of
even one under my care,
neglected to rot or mold

I do not ask to be worshiped
nor do I ask them to praise me,
the gratitude within this relationship
involves being grateful to them,
collaborators in the creative process
taking place in my tiny domain

This poem was inspired by Billy Collins’ “As If to Demonstrate an Eclipse”, a poem of gratitude and wine drinking. Enjoy!

Top photo of me in my kitchen when all work was done (or not yet started).
Bottom photo is a pre-pandemic Thanksgiving spread on the island in my kitchen when we could gather as family.

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