On Edge

Daily journaling

is the marginalia

of my life’s story

Image from Reading with a Pencil by Austin Kleon, an interesting take on marginalia. A poem by Billy Collins you might enjoy is titled Marginalia. Additionally, you might want to check out The Marginalian an eclectic collection of essays on works of literary and visual arts.

5 thoughts on “On Edge

  1. I wonder about coincidences (if that is the right word). You write, and I get the opportunity to read your micro poem on marginalia and I just finished reading Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller, where one character collects books not for the content, but for the marginalia. Although annotating in the margins is something I have done, I never really thought about its significance beyond my own notes. I often wonder when things present again and again if I am meant to take more away from it than I originally thought!

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  2. I so know what you mean, Heather. It’s like an idea comes up and then you start noticing it all the time. When Brain Pickings recently changed its name to The Marginalian I started thinking again about this concept. I rarely write in books (but maybe I should), I mostly make notes in my journals. But when the site changed names I started thinking again about the concept and it struck me that all this ‘freewriting’ that I do in my journal just might be the marginalia of my life – even more indicative of who I am than my polished poetry. Thank you for connecting and giving me food for thought. This is what I love so much about being in a creative community.


    1. Swimming lessons – that’s a great way to put it. Looking forward to what you come up with from those old journals. Think of how interesting thinking about, writing about your perspective from a different point in history.

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