A Dozen Nameless Joys, Named

Piercing the thin, tough skin of a red pepper before sliding a knife through the soft flesh – Resistance Before Surrender

Pausing on a path to appreciate a red maple leaf with bright yellow veins – October Meditation 

Watching the moon dip in and out, in and out of dark clouds – Peekaboo Moon

Meditating with closed eyes to the rhythm of my cat snoring by the sunlit window – Purring White Noise 

Praising the moss flourishing between patio bricks – Surviving in Odd Places

Noticing that point where I’m back into home territory after a long road trip – Safe Return

Awaking to the back-yard maple that overnight exploded in gold and amber – Autumn Serendipity

Keeping watch of the enveloping growth of lichen on the side of my wood carving –Fungus Friendship

Waiting on the front porch to hear the full roar of thunder rolling in from the east – Evening Theatre

Viewing shadow stripes shimmering in my small patch of woods – Dancing with the Sun

Witnessing hope of the future in a monarch caterpillar nibbling on a leaf – Generational Connections

Savoring that first sip of coffee on a chilly morning as steam tickles my nose – Morning Bliss

Can you give an alternate name to any of these joys?
Do you have other nameless joys you’d like to share? – Collaborative Celebration

Post inspired by A Million Nameless Joys Await by David Cain at Raptitude.
All photos are from my personal collection or courtesy of Pixabay.

18 thoughts on “A Dozen Nameless Joys, Named

  1. Each of these resonates, but especially “safe return”. I’ve thought myself a paranoid nut for having this inner encounter so frequently. We hit a certain intersection and “I could walk home from here” kicks in – part relaxing and part invigorating.

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  2. Your “nameless joys” refresh my memory, LuAnne, remind me that “grok” is the only “Martian” word in the OED, by way of Robert A. Heinlein’s 1969 allegorical scifi bestseller, “Stranger in a Strange Land”; a word that most “Earthers” (another Heinllein-ism) may grok the meaning of by reading your blog.

    A stranger
    on familiar land
    groks with Cat πŸ˜‰

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    1. I read that book in high school and it really spoke to me. I did pick it up again a few years ago but got distracted I guess. Now I am thinking I need to write a grokking poem – your two have inspired me. πŸ™‚

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