hibiscus bloom in October
after summer’s blooms long gone
this version reinvents a deeper pink

options for writers to meet on-site
after 19 months all remote
this version reinvents knowing why we gather

The first stanza of this poem was inspired by my friend, Hope Swan, who posted a late-blooming hibiscus in her yard which made me check on mine. The second stanza was inspired by an interview with Priya Parker on On Being called Remaking Gathering: Entering the Mess, Crossing the Thresholds.

Photo taken at my home in Troy, MI.

3 thoughts on “Reinventing

    1. Thanks, VJ. I just attended training on how to allow for people to be both on-site and remote during our weekly writers/art group. Today will be the first time we meet like that. I can see some changes; it won’t be like it was before. I am so looking forward to being there in person again. All of us are fully vaccinated and several already have a booster. Should be fun, but also different than all on-site or all remote. Interesting. I appreciate you comment. 🙂

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