Star Blessings

You appreciate the
when it is a faint
sliver before
that you would have missed
had you not been up in the
to comfort Star Baby

I found this poem I jotted down early, early one morning. Star Baby was our cat for 20 years. At the end she needed lots of care but also gave much love back. She died peacefully in my husband’s arms, surrounded by family.

Both photos taken from my home in Troy, MI, USA.


15 thoughts on “Star Blessings

  1. Beautiful cat – love the quirky facial markings. And thank you for sharing this poem – captures beautifully how taken-for-granted things stand out when our routines are stirred up. Caring for another definitely stirs everything up! Good to notice predictable Moon in times of not-knowing what’s coming down here below.
    (Our 18-yr-old calico is lately more frequent in her vocals which worries me; but she continues to purr us to sleep at night, through the night, clearly annoyed if we get up too early.)

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    1. Star Baby became more vocal the last few years of her life. She lost most of her hearing so we assumed that was it. You might want to check it out. It is good that she lets you sleep late!

      Star Baby did have a funny expression. She always looked like a child that had just had chocolate milk.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jazz. Enjoy those purrrrrrs.

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