I hung up a poem put in a frame
to read again as I pass it each day

As a child I caught fireflies in punctured-lid jars
but at bedtime I’d let them free to go play

Frames can highlight beauty
jars can capture the fleeting

So, I’ll frame my life with intentions
lid opened for serendipity


6 thoughts on “Frames

  1. Delightful inspiration … last two lines a mantra to live by.
    I remember fireflies in jars … and parents insisting we take the lid off when time to go in for bed. Perhaps fixation on world-event extremes is a flare best let-loose after brief focus capture. This may be my new “intention” … I’ll post your last 2 lines near my computer screen!

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    1. You so often come up with applications I have never thought of, Jazz. I like your idea of letting go of the focus of ‘world-event extremes’ to not be so overwhelmed. Thanks for dropping by and leaving such an inspirational comment.

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