Brush Strokes

Language is painted with 
brush strokes of silence -
paused punctuation between sentences, 
breath of white space between words
coating of what is said 
that envelops what is not said

Silence, hear it to know how to listen

This poem was inspired by Hearing Silence in Tricycle.

Photo courtesy of Pixaby


10 thoughts on “Brush Strokes

  1. Lovely words and image.  I agree about the pauses and silence.  Too bad it is accomplished more in person.  Doesn’t work too well on the phone and even zoom.  I wish I could see people in person but I’m now into my 6th month of covid shot by Pfizer and it is wearing off.  Shocking how little is left after 6 months with Pfizer.  Where is my booster?  Sending love, Janette

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