Cool Heat

Baggy shorts, jammies top
bare feet, messy bun
ceiling-fan breeze on my neck
sipping lemon water

Watching neighbor's sprinkler
make prisms on wet grass
trying to enjoy the heat
longed for last December

What a cool cool way to spend
this hot, hot summer day

To all my friends and family in the Pacific Northwest,
stay safe, stay hydrated, stay as cool as possible
during this heat wave.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


15 thoughts on “Cool Heat

    1. Thanks, VJ. I have family in Seattle and they have been scorched but the forecast looks a little more comfortable today. Hope you are bearing the heat. I don’t remember where you live. Canada?

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  1. Perfect take on how to survive a heatwave, LuAnne! Our sprinklers were on quite a bit and I believe it helped most of our plants survive. I did start the watering regime several days in advance to get the garden hydrated. Now we’re back to regular weather and I’m grateful for it! 🙂

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    1. I have been watching the weather in the PNW and was glad to see that you guys got some relief. I am glad you nurtured your little ones in the gardens and that they responded. Hope all is well.

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      1. I guess so. We we quite fortunate in our little pocket of the world to not have had any problem with it. Some friends had flooded basements and our church flooded but I think all is well for now. No rains lately. Thanks for asking.

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