I walk an improbable path
chance led to my conception
chance led to my homeland
by chance I chose to write
by chance I found my soul mate

I grasp at spinning opportunities
never redundant, always flowing
choosing by chance what's available
to create my unsummed life

Photo by Nathan Dumlao courtesy of Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Chance

  1. Reflecting on major turns in my past, I agree re “chance”. Perhaps forces we are not aware of guide choices in any moment, but still – the options from which to choose are “chance” – a mix ever shifting – some impulse says “grab this!” Interesting to ponder what I overlooked while first grabbing pen and paper way back … sure glad I chose writing. And glad you did! Thanks for a stirring read here.

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  2. Thank you, Jazz. I think my dad was very instrumental in my love of writing. We played a lot of word games together and he was quite the story teller. He didn’t write much but certainly read a lot and ignited my love of language. I’m sure glad he survived the war and came back to marry my mom.

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