Silver Tangles

Underneath her long grey hair
she kept a cache of memory secrets
guilt tangles of covert acts

Brushing gnarls from silver tresses
secrets tug her tender scalp
til long-ago events unfurl
disappear to clear her mind

Untangled now her thoughts are loose
no secrets left hiding from herself

After writing this poem I remembered a short story by Guy de Maupassant called The Apparition. It, too, is about combing out old tangles. You might enjoy it.

Photo from my personal collection

11 thoughts on “Silver Tangles

  1. This is triggering many inner responses (including wishing I had hair thick and tangly – never such even in younger days).
    And this accents an experience I had a week ago sitting with a friend who lost her husband last September and kept running her fingers through her VERY thick long grey hair … the hair I watched her husband lovingly braid for her on several occasions.
    Thick hair or no hair, a good scalp massage likely therapeutic … thank you!

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  2. What a sweet story to share, Jazz. Yes, a good scalp massage – as well as a good guilt purging can be therapeutic. I finally got a trim last week after over a year with no hair cut. It got so long that I couldn’t braid it because my arms were too short to reach the ends even braiding over my head! And it would get tangled if not braided. So I feel much lighter now and grateful for the vaccination so I felt safer going to get the trim. And it was good to hang out with the lovely woman who has been doing my hair for years. Things are looking hopeful. If you haven’t read the short story that I linked to, you might want to check it out. When I taught middle school English a million years ago, that was one of the short stories in our text. So read it and re-read it many years. De Maupassant was such an interesting short story author. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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      1. Yes, it is pretty chilling. I haven’t read it in years. Time to re-read it now. I’ve read that is his only ghost story. I also like the one he is best know for, “The Necklace”, another really good one. He had a very interesting perspective of life.

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