13 thoughts on “Am I a Thief?

  1. Every thing I do, that does not involve “writing,” always gives me the uneasy feeling that I am neglecting my creative muses. However, enjoying Nature’s resources and daily ideas that leap from my fellow bloggers comes under the heading of Research.

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      1. thank you. Once a “new” idea surfaces our own experiences kick in to form our writing. It is interesting that whenever I “discover” some new-to-me thing, it seems that immediately information about that thing comes at me for all directions. There’s nothing new under the sun, just spins and embellishments.

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    1. Thanks, Heather. Sometimes when I write with others they are hesitant to use the works of other poets as inspiration. They think of it as plagiarism. But I do it all the time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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