Alone in the morning sipping coffee
a story tells itself to me
random, no noticeable trigger
no sequential order

Making homemade kahlua with Sherri on a cool November morning
Walking railroad tracks with Mallarie to visit a neighboring school
Sunbathing slathered in iodine and baby oil with Bonnie in the back yard
Pretending to not be winded to impress David while climbing Mt. LeConte
Fishing on the pier with Aunt Myrtle, her teaching me to spell my name
Pouring out Ma Moss’s snuff and sneaking her a forbidden piece of candy
Mixing cornbread dressing with Mom in the big yellow bowl
Driving with Daddy to dance class discussing “A Farewell to Arms”

Ordinary moments
not life altering events
or were they?
are they still?

The prompt for NaPoWriMo for day twenty-seven was to choose an entry from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows as a starting point. I chose Keta – an image that inexplicably leaps back into your mind from the distant past.

Top photo courtesy of Pixabay


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