That’s Not Exactly True

No one gets sick
Drink bleach for a kick
That’s not exactly true

Obama’s a spy
Kim is an ally
That’s not exactly true

Alabama will be hit
Sharpie makes the map fit
That’s not exactly true

Didn’t know about Storm
Payments for porn
That’s not exactly true

You said voter fraud was everywhere
That Mexico would pay for the wall
In two weeks you’d have a plan for health care
Your tax cuts for most would be a windfall
But that’s not exactly true

Mainstream news is fake
You never make a mistake
That’s not exactly true

Said you did not lose
Claimed it all was a ruse
But that’s not exactly true

From Twitter you were banned
No forum to grandstand
No place to say what’s untrue

Glad to not hear your noise
Or your immoral ploys
And that’s exactly true

One option for the NaPoWriMo for Day Twenty-six was to find a poem with a very particular rhyme scheme or form, and use that scheme/form as the basis for a poem that mocks something. I used the rhyme scheme from the lyrics of a song I really like called I Wasn’t Expecting That by Jamie Lawson. The rhyme scheme is A, A, repeating line, B, B repeating line, C, C, repeating line, D, D, repeating line, then for the chorus, A, B, A, B, repeating line.

Graphic is an altered photo courtesy of Pixabay.


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